Poem | Body | Inder Salim

 ‘Atta Deepo Bhava’

Be a lamp unto yourself,
Be an island unto yourself -
Said Buddha to Ananda.

Body of Ananda, a desirous aura,
Body called Shareer, Jism, Baddan, Paan,
Body on the roadside, a looking-around-body
A fallen body near upright body,
Body of the bread-seller talking to the
Body, a multitude, a surface, a depth,
Body turns to see a body upon body,
Body resembles body of
Body of a traveler,
Body after a special touch,
Body is not a body, but mist, a fragrance,

Wherever body goes, body accompanies,
Mind takes note of,
Reminds the body, or not even;
Body of the person on the key board,

Body of the person not at a place where mind is,
Wherever mind goes body goes.
This sudden shape and speed of Mind-body-hook.
Body on the back-seat of a vehicle,
Body leaning against another body,
Body in the vicinity of other bodies,
Body , Body, body, another body, 
A noise, a music.
Body of the mourner, a traumatized body,
Dead body’s experience, inherited
By a living body, a difference, a repetition
At a road side, then inside.
Body of a buyer,
Body of the hungry onlooker,
Hunger is the time-code in the body.
A mood, an outline,
Body of the artist drawing
Outline of another body.
Grinding grains of  Time.
“You are a body in another time
Hooked to a Vitruvian body” -
Somebody whispered in my ear.
A Ghazal-numa, a couplet
Refrain to refrain, sound to sound, like
Apartments of a multi-story building.
Body of storekeeper
Body of a worker, body of a master
Body of a mother, body of home-maker
Body of a father, body of a brother
Body of a friend, body of an enemy,
body, body , body, body, body...
Body is always touched, 'manthan' of memories
Cream of which memory layer to surface?
What shines on the skin of a desirous body?
Leaking from a group of bodies,
To enter the existent porous bodies, 
casually in a disproportionate manner, 
Nobody calculates, yet
A programmed body in the universe...


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