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A drive through Rhyl 1992

                                              after a performance at Northern Rising,
ambition waded in
the sun at swim the                    sun
noisy little blighter – whatty?
whatty? sun centre fovea
sands bingo       poisoned
shiva the blue throat
best way they could
construct a schema
sea queue
city gold a line of
becoming too bad
the cleaner side
centre of the sun
periphery of poorly
controlled areas
the hill yr hill
a feast in every thought
a root in every arborescence
aurglorious that sees
the crow at a baronial banquet
broiling slot machines
brythonic veins rough burning
two swords near glass salt
your shelter your hand to me
wounded your fact your
beautiful body your tantrums
your thrum-tendency
your poem insouciant
tarmacadam out of conical
lines of flight
drugs give the unconscious the
immanence Ryhyll, yr hyll – hull of wales
brydferth Leidiart sandarm ty’r haul
fun fare bankrupt point to
junky coney island drift
park because the mind
is a casualty
of the lilywhites.

Hear Rhys Trimble reading the poem to Olafur Arnalds' Broadchurch's Main Theme

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