Luis Alberto de Cuenca (Translated by Maria Lopez)

Source: archive.4plebs.org

Political Incorrectness 

from the collection - La vida en llamas 
(Life in flames, 2006)

Be a good girl, tell me things that are incorrect
from a political point of view. For example:
that you are blond. another example: that the West
doesn´t seem to you a barbaric monster
devoted to the sordid task of destroying the planet. And yet something else:
that multiculturalism is a new fascism, only a bit more
tacky, or that you enjoy beating up a pedagogue or a psychologist,
or that the Mediterranean horrifies you.
Tell me things that would take you straight away
to the stake, tell me atrocities
that put into question absolute truths
like: “I don´t believe in equal rights”. Or tell me
terrible things such as that you love me
despite we have different gender identities,
that you love me fully, madly,
forever, like the females of the Earth
used to love before

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