Poem | Vince Rappa

Artwork : Chintu Das

Prose Don't Rock it for me Like they Used To 

“We're all Fell Out from the System Shock” I whimper          “and I think I can make sure
that we see daylight
never mind don't derail my downtime
                                                      shucks, man                            can't we make it past the first twenty minutes
of this shit
                                                                                                                I'm sure this movie's about something
              Don't fuck with me, bro
                                                                                                                      Everything is not daijobu

                                             I think if I put a section of prose in the middle of this I can pass it off as real art, ya know, like the kind of art that people from the William S. Burrows of New York do and get real awards and get published in places that pay, don't play the fool. Do you think if I spend enough taxed time on the internet not chasing my dreams that we'll achieve the singularity and I can finally have sex with a robot? I Have No Wifi and I Must Scream. Cream filled crawdads and now my clam strips are dripping syrup, how wonderful—I hope I don't have to pay for this nonsense first steps in between 'Cleanliness' and 'Godliness' is sugar flavored ichor in place of my cocktail sauce. What a wild way to experience Boston. Are you there, Joyce? It's me, the asshole who's frustrated with your work. If these people have forgotten how to move then do they feel pain? If so, how can I join them not moving for the rest of your life sounds like it could be cool but only if you were in constant bliss and dreaming all the time not the kinds of dreams that I have where the house is burning and Oh God why are these melted corpses moving but a real kind of 1-2 punch don't make fun of my prose, professor. As I lay-laylay me down to sleep give me a full head let me not go back to the bad days, crumpled garbage gives me sneers and hisses at me to snap out of it.

This is a Real Handcrafted Letter to           a ll                               the people I made uncomfortable in high school
I               was going to address                 it to some girls in particular              but that seems really

shady                                                                                                                         please stand up

Oh shit I'm all coked up with no Mountain Dew left that's what you
get when you use
 Pepsi Products
                                                                                                                                       Bye-Products Buy Bye
Pro ducks          

                                                                                                                “Not with a bang but with a

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