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Artwork by Jo Nin*

The Sea is the Possibility


Sitting on an empty park bench, 

Flow is sunning himself.

No. That’s a lie. The wind blowing leaves 

Sounds like waves hitting rocks.

The sky is gloomy.

Flow is not in the park. He is at the beach 


A hidden poem. A hidden eddy in the sea. A sea that is the possibility. A possibility of falling and being pushed back on the shore. Lurching. Full of sands. Not pretty. Though they will eventually fall away from him. The sea rejects him the way his mind rejects his body. The love that bonds them, like the sands on his body, is greedy but never ever sticky enough.

Wittgenstein and Flow


Wittgenstein came to see Flow last night. He spoke in German. But does it matter? Flow likes to take things to an extreme. He has been eating Marinara Spaghetti for a month, for example. He is thinking Thai tonight.

Flow should have called him Ludwig, not Wittgenstein. But Wittgenstein is a masterpiece. Define ‘master’. Define ‘piece’.

Enough languages. Enough games now. Do not play. 


flow with—


(*Artwork via wikimedia commons)

(The poems are from the collection Flow, published by Red River) 

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