Photo by Fred W. McDarrah (1968). Source:

The Sunflower Collective reads rolling submissions round the year. We celebrate the personal and the political - which we believe to be one and the same thing - in art.

We would like to mention at the outset that we are not interested in art that does not take risks. We do not mind if you have a degree but we are unlikely to be impressed by it. Nor do we care which journals have published your work before. All we are interested in is something that sings for itself without any props, something that grabs us by our throat and refuses to let go, something that shakes us out of our complacent stupor. Give us something hungry, not bellyful; something beat, if you get our drift.

We express our inability to publish anything that propagates either right-wing or left-wing fascism.

Please send us your original and previously unpublished poems, prose, artwork and photographs in the body of the mail/ attached in MS Word document at with the subject line mentioning your genre of Submissions and first name only. Only in exceptional cases, we may reprint pieces. Please do intimate us with details of the publication where it was published first if you are sending us previously published work. Do read the submission guidelines before sending your work.

Submission Guidelines

1) Poetry: 5-8 poems . All forms, including Haikus and Tankas.

2) Experimental and Graphic poems: 5-8 poems including prose/Jazz poems.

3) Prose: 2000-3000 words ( Fiction/ Non Fiction/ Experimental/Memoirs/Haibuns)

4) Translation: Poetry: 5-8 poems; Prose- 2000-3000 words (Fiction/ Non Fiction/ Experimental /Memoirs)

5) Artwork and Photographs/ Photo Essays (5-10 in JPEG format and must not exceed 250K in size )

6) Format: Poetry and prose submissions to be sent in the body of the mail, unless there are specific formatting requirements from the author (which needs to be mentioned in the mail). Photos and scanned artwork in zipped folders may be attached. Photo essays in MS Word with zipped folders of JPEG images may be separately attached.

7) Font: Garamond-14 pt.

8) Please send us your work in a single mail. Also, do tell us a little about yourself, especially your country of residence and what you do for a livelihood unless writing is your full-time occupation. Please keep it under 30 words.

9) Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as we are informed immediately if and when the poems are accepted elsewhere for publication.

10) Due to the volume of submissions we receive, and the small size of the team, we can only intimate those writers/poets/artists who we publish. We will do our best to respond within three to four months from the day of receipt if we like your work.

11) Please do not send your submissions through our Facebook page. Submissions sent through Facebook page will not be considered.