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Cafe Terrace at Night, Van Gogh



Late at night

I heard laughter down the street

and wondered whose silence

had it been exchanged for?





and then there was us

me and my body, alone

in a room full of dancing people





Two middle aged men

walked to my bed

in a hospital


undressed me

laughed for a while

before changing my diaper


I let them have their joke





I didn't change the world

I came back with shame

I wanted to curl up in my bed

I felt unwanted, unloved, un-liked



I mumbled a quiet prayer

I summoned no god nor human

I petitioned the depths of my dignity

I screamed silently; I exist, I exist, I exist.



Staring Back


One day

I will smirk back at my gazer

I will tell them about my talent

I will count down my achievements

I will kill them with confidence

I will show them my strength


One day,

I will not be broken by a stranger.


Little deaths


We misunderstood smog

for love:


Not everything that forces us

to hold our breath


is worth dying for.





I am lost midway

through your poem

     disinterested in moving


                        Forgive me

                if I never tell you

               how beautiful it is


Something's broken


I stopped talking about the nation

when it seeped into my room

listening to my conversations


What else can do you around

old lovers who have changed?


BioAbhishek Anicca is a writer, poet and researcher. He identifies as a person with locomotor disability and chronic illness which shape his creative endeavours.


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