Poems | Kripi Malviya

Artwork : Aakriti Kuntal


Kingfisher wing child
Radiant maa is in all my summers

Yearning water youth
the colossal empathy of hair rising for rover winter

Life created at the continent’s edge
Power lines running on skin

Both sides of my teeth
are acquainted with you

Keep the mountain in your mouth
Stop the anarchy of the forgotten


I, radical machinery
Conifer and concrete anatomy
Skylark motorcycle heat rising

I, triumph of barefoot wet streets
Mourning long hair and
Distant railway lines
Arched muscles
rapt quivering teeth

I, rearviewer
queer queen
Silent speed musician
Bone spear scream


Saturate awe
Endlessly touch the silent
Remember your groans

Keep the damp
You lone lifeberg
Sharply inhale dispersion

Trace your burns
Let them know your glow
Your flaking skinned fingers

The familiar light song
Imploding into mother
Learn the choke of home

The S bend

Staring at stranger

Of lines, hair
grinding teeth

Birds of prey
years of days

The united colours
of naked

In the darkening,
touch rejection

Homes are

Simultaneous ornate
recall associations

Fishnet skin
clouds lay bait


This street is a force
holding our spines in its derision
between muscles soaked in black oil

The unexpected loss of light from the eyes
is known to all rivers
as they declare their borrowed stillness
in our cupped hands

In the endless landscape of the senses
we learn the true unarming of our time


he is weathered man, hands burnt with powdered snow
she is learning to separate her bones from the bed sheets that hold blue panic

he is anger resembling the after currents of a seabed earthquake
she is red surging rage as if to cover the empty graves of the earth

he shoots feathered arrows for truths
she explodes for each silenced life

he answers five am cries of pain
she appears at the ankles of the fallen

he is water-colour of natural disasters
she is oil strokes of dis-proportionate scales

he is a taster of chemically induced despair caves
she is spontaneous rock formations found in violent aftermaths of life-death cycles

he is the resolution
she is the skin rising

he is the false evidence of justified crime
she is living of the impoverished edges of bloodlines 

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  1. Powerful poems you write! Submit to Porter Gulch Review, PGRsubmissions@gmail.com. Would love to publish some of your work! David Allen Sullivan