Artwork| Balbir Krishan


Medium: mixed media on paper/ Size: 28 x 36 inches/ 2004

Note from the Artist : The year 2004 was a defining year for me and the present body of work titled Yugal (couple) was an extension to my thoughts, belief and persona. Though I was not very open to paint same sex couples back then. However, the first thought that crossed me after my phase of depression till 2003 was of love. I met with an accident and around that time most of my works spoke of sadness, pain and loneliness- a feeling which is around us everywhere. I used pigeons as a metaphor, because we see pigeons cooing all around us from window sills to skylights.

For this series, I have used human bodies juxtaposed with pigeon heads. I have tried to portray a couple in love, who go through the emotions such as joy, sadness, lust, death, pain and togetherness. I intentionally kept the forms white as a symbol of purity but the background is vividly colourful with geometrical forms. These geometrical forms depict the various societal norms that we remain prisoners of.

I have used a unique technique in this series. From mixed medium like ball point pen, to rotring pen, fountain pen, photo colour ink, waterproof black ink on glossy paper etc.I have tried to mix all these and create something new. This technique allows me to create depictions of my subjects in lifelike flesh-tones, and the opacity of the paint provides depth and contours to the images.

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