Poetry | Emma Caterinicchio | Part One


Standing taller than the trees,
Teach me your strength in solitude,
Your patience and your fortitude,
Allow me to step with you,
Slowly into peace.

Curling in your selfness,
Teach me your lessons,
From ancient growing sessions,
So practiced and true,
Thank you for being you. 

Blooming in your you,
Teach me your glory,
So proud is your story,
Thank you for allowing,

All my admiring glances.

     I kiss each note goodbye,

Wishing it a full life, 
Knowing it can stand all on its own,
but sounds fuller in a melody.

I kiss each note goodbye,
My hands let go swiftly,
They float up in the sky,
My little lullaby.


    There they lay before me,
Dishes in the sink, 
Reminder of all I've consumed,
And all I've allowed to feast.
Reminder of all the days gone by,
Of hurry up or die,
Reminder of the woman I was,
Whose sink was always dry.

My laundry stares at me, side eye,
Reminding me of my work, 
Of my sleepless nights and accidents,
And all I've grown into.

There I see before me,
My own face, terrified,
As I wash my face and brush my teeth,
Attempting to repair the damage,
Done by countless evenings like this,
How many times must I endure,
This endless energetic loop.

Please let me cry. Please let me find new life.




      (Artwork for the poems have been created by Harsh Kumar)                                                                           

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