Poem | Bhaskar Chakrabarty (Translated by Sarbajaya Bhattacharya)

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When Will Winter Arrive Suparna 

When will winter arrive Suparna
I'll sleep for three months
Every evening, as if in cruel jest, my blood turns cold like the frogs –
I sit in silent stupor –
They send a blue balloon soaring through the darkness, they burn fireworks all night long –
Shouting, screaming – then suddenly, magically,
at the same moment,
every candle is extinguished
the day of feast turns direction like the wind,
the tune of the flute stops floating to the ear –
In such moments, I feel like diving headlong into water every time I see it –
I feel like submerging my body and lifting only my face to breathe for a while
I feel empty Suparna
I am not human, nor light, nor dream-like – the soles of my feet
are widening – the sound of
horse's hooves makes my heart throb louder in its cage and quickens my breath
Everyday my fingertip pushes time ahead of its time I feel empty
when will winter arrive Suparna, I'll sleep for three months
Once, waking at dawn, I had seen clouds leaning near the window – Darkness
everywhere – so dark a  day, I couldn't even see my own fingernails – it made me cry
when I thought of you
I lit a matchstick in my hair and fell asleep again to its burning scent
Now I am not human – I feel like jumping instead of walking down a street
I have no desire to kneel before love for three months –
the sound of human footsteps quicken my breath,
I run in the direction from which I came
But why do I run?
I feel empty 
When will winter arrive Suparna
I'll sleep for three months.

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