Poems | Megan Dhakshini

Photo : Megan Dhakshini 


Poetic Creature;
She wore star-lined eyes.
Her pockets,
Filled with raindrops,
crescent moons and whispers.

Goddamn Goddess;
She’d tether you to her hips,
curve her lips,
sing of sins, whims,

If you wanted to, you could
crash into love.
Every jagged shard and
molten dust of you
would wear star-lines.

Poetic Creature;
Goddamn Goddess;


Eyes. That command open
minds, hearts, legs,
lips. That dictate whims,
wants, needs, no's,
strings. That pull back
from curves, thrusts, tears,
sins. That weigh down on his
stride, heart, mind
Eyes. That will make you sigh.


As the cautious dawn crept in
And found her in a sorry heap
Every why swirled sadly
In a salty puddle at her feet


In my dreams You
are different.
Like the pockets of
secrets that hide
within the pleats of
my curtains.
A gust of wind;
The secrets are mine,
and then they are not.

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