Poems| Natalie Crick

Artwork: Matthew Bialer 


She was born
In summertime, with
Rainbow smoke pouring out from her mouth

Like journeys in the sky.
Doves danced in her hair.
Who would know
What was to happen next?

She lived in a chapel
Of glass walls
And God was like
A beautiful deviant to her, a brother maybe.

Madeline. Oh, how I will miss you!
What is life all about?
It is like upsetting all of your best friends and
Turning around

And around
And around

Blood, it pumps through her veins.
Her heart is white jelly.
Madeline, when she was born
She died inside herself.
Sssshhhh, everything is quiet now.

Baby's Breath

On rainy days
I give myself permission

To touch the glass
And see your remains:

Tissues, shadows,
All that is left

Of you.
Dancing with ghosts

Over dark hills.
Skylarks, old dear.

When I stand in your old room
I feel so sad that I masturbate myself.

Bees feast in tartan plumes,
Birds hanging on threads.

An old donkey hobbled
Into the mists.

A pocket full of posies.

Your tiny hands tremble away
From my throat. Jack-daw.

The Secret

The words fell from her mouth
Like black snakes.
She has lost them all.

The secret!
A promise she could not keep.
Someone knows.
He lies in bed, the room growing dark.

It is the last night of their lives.
Take me there
To the beautiful people

Who run in the garden in long coats

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