Poem | Ajmal Khan

Artwork : Aakriti Kuntal

J&K Exit

A     The line called Kashmir wanted to exit from poem India or I
          and don't want to join the poem Pakistan or P either
But some words in the line were desperate to join in India
    and some to join in Pakistan

B     Some letters in the line K frequently shout Azaadi Azaadi, a banned word in India
In Delhi the center of  poem I, these letters are called Jihadis
and they sent as many as editors who needed to edit these letters and delete them

C They edit the letters without considering  small letters, capital letters, feminine, masculine or any other
Line K has undergone for editing and re editing many times from 1947 than any other lines in the poem and more than ten thousand letters have been deleted so far
Feminine letters are being raped and molested by editors and young letters are
deleted more

D During monsoons the line K will be flooded and few editors will help
letters to take refuge in the poem I
In the I-poem these images get circulated as the rhythm of the poem

E     Most of the times the poem I will declare, line K is the integral part of the poem
I have created a new grammar for the line K, its called AFSPA
and its strictly followed on the line K

F   Go back India, Go back India, shout some letters in the line K
that will again attract for editing and further deleting
Some letters even editors don't know where they have gone, they are known as D letters, or Disappeared

G       The broken letters in the line K are called H&W
H for half and W for widow
They also shout  Azaadi, Azaadi.
Seeing this, few letters and words from the poem I will stand up for K
Rest of them will shout, K is our integral part while the editing and deleting continues.

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