Poem | Sophia Naz

Photo Credit : Lee La

(for Begum Akhtar)

Dark Star
i am orbit of your orbit

whose tawaf  was sum

leaving me lingering
in your rosary of thorns, open ended khali,

you pierce me Akhtari, as though you were
the stab of a trillion suns, even so, I know
you were the only

and i am
your night shawl,  envelope skin, exhale
of cloud malmal  worn
outside in

to the fate of this bark
called evening

Akhtari, make me too that kali
ghata, rare outcaste, rasa they would

wash their eyes in
your indigo, that other
continent without a shore, deepening
into Komal Dha, ephemeral violet, volatile ruby-throated note

you left
at twilight’s
liminal door, locks astray, still trembling
with the green blade, taan of your fiery missive

that made
the impossible moon
koel in your palm, paper boat
afloat or
drowning at the lunge
of your lilt

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