Poem | Sophia Naz

Artwork :  This is Not A ManLawrence Ferlinghetti, 1993-94
Source : poetryfoundation.org


Shot is a collective term
for small balls

the "diabolo"
is the most common

its rapid fire explodes
hundreds of pellets

from a single point and shoot

Soft-shell of his body
sieved into unreadable Braille

in film negatives, light is dark
here is your ticket to the theater of opposites

hole-punched like a stapled memo
back to back the black

stars light up the night skies of Kashmir
maps of occupation made flesh

pulled the trigger

it was then that you joined
the dots of death and came

to a point blank conclusion

Now you are a diviner
of voodoo words, Orisha

of push pins, barbs, skewers
to impale at penpoint

the lifelong timelines of lies
not just there but here & here

outrage is borderless the way it
possesses, like love or fire

zoom into the blindspot
this is the beginning

of your Pointillism, the sharp
tongued end to your means

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