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The Symbiont's Incomprehensible Pronouns by Bill Wolak

1. Copy Paste

I am not guilty !
I only obeyed my party line !
this goes on
and on
for centuries.

2. Bluz za Moju Bivsu Domovinu/ Otadzbinu
(Blues for my Ex- Country / Homeland)

I had a country.
They took it away.
They did not ask for permission.
The very same people who
want to establish
customs zones,
introduce joint parliament sitting
and start to exchange war criminals.
The very same
who caused the trouble in the first place.

I can only say
one word
One day you will realise
people lived there for generations
and not… No Don't Shoot!!

3.Eh Da Sam Mladji
(If Only I Were Younger)

I read
written by the young poets…
don’t know
if I should
call it
Regressive or Progressive ?

I better shut up
and  continue reading
The poetry written by young writers.

4. Final Solution

How to cut Gordian knot
in B(&H)?
…an educated fellow tosses the question over and over again…
He repeats the question
time and time again
it doesn’t tire him
it spans decades,
even centuries.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
is an answer in itself.

The question will die out
when B&H is wiped out.

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