Poem | Meg Dolan

Sketch by Gayatri Goswami 

hunger is a beautiful thing
when it may be satisfied
without suffering or imposition
mother nature does it
blizzard meets storm, they mingle,
stunning show, a rare event

whether it's flames of romantic desire quenched
flame to amber glow, to ash
or your home filled with aromatics
thy favourite meal,
drops of Egyptian oil placed on your skin

my cats always appear famished
searching for the next tit-bit
sniffing out any newly opened package
whether fit for cat consumption or not
some cream please they say
in cat language humans fully get
consuming delicately their morsels,
involuntary little purring engines
back rolls, exposing fur bellies
cuteness eternally evolving to get what they want
tonight is freshly cooked salmon

and those statuesque men
Statue of David types,
rarely satiated
after many top-ups, don't ever stop
let their hearts be content
or fully spent,
allow them to dive in
the deep end
explains their grins,
wider than flame grilled steaks

and I stumbling upon the sale rack
of exclusive designers clearances so low
i afford with no thinking or remorse
voracity in full force
just do it. being precious is a waste. live full.

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