Poem | Joy Goswami ( Translated by Ruma Chakravarti )

Easily Pleased

Photo Credits: Lee La

But we are easily pleased,
Why feel sad about it?
The days pass easily enough
With the bare necessities.
The days pass easily enough
Whether in sickness or in debt
Nightly the two of us sit
Brothers over a ganja pipe.
We cannot afford to shop all days
Other times we go overboard -
On my way home from the street
I buy cuttings of rose.
But where do I plant the damned things?
When will they ever flower?
All that will come sometime later
Let me first smoke my ganja pipe.
We really are easily pleased,
Why must we be sad about it?
Our days pass easily enough
Just with the bare necessities.
Sometimes even that is in doubt
We return late into the night;
As we eat our tempers flare
At least give us salt with cold rice we yell!
My anger gets the better of me
I try to beat it down,
Father and son, brothers in arms,
We raise hell throughout the hood.
What if we do break some rules?
After all we are but ordinary folk.
At least with this bland plate of rice
A pinch of salt would have been nice.

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