1 poem | Micheal Tinarwo

Running from homelands

I am like a bush rabbit that has missed the snares of cruel hunters
My heart is no longer tied to my habitual territory because of fear
Anxiety has dug deep in my arteries and terror is tearing me apart
I am choice-less and now exploring the possibility of dyeing in foreign land
My current jurisdiction is only a ground contaminated with strings of threats
From prohibited freedom of speech to the promiscuity of election swindles
I am a Zimbabwean unwilling to be brainwashed by unwanted old man
I have tasted plenty famines that left my plate of health in deficiency
I watched rich farms disappearing like dew in the morning
As the lazy new land owners behaved like lizards basking in sun
Fertile lands were twisted into a wilderness of void landscapes
Escaping Mugabe’s skeleton needles will turn me into a migrant

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