Poems | Priyam Goswami

Artwork : W. Jack Savage

This is the Year of Long Nights

all afternoon
the snow has
of Kreuzberg too, they will speak;
this isle of theirs
is also frozen.

all night they touch
themselves in Wedding
somewhere in the dark.

theirs is the silence of black lacy bras
theirs is a love
of broken seas.
the ease has gone out of love now
their cries floating
somewhere in Wrangelkiez.

First Snow

the canal froze
            last night; this I saw
from the window.
            the snow
                        //still falling outside//
            in the clefted nude trees.
now, now, now
            the men in fluorescent orange
            throw, crunch, trample
                        this pebbled gravel
                        melting the snow.
These feet, our tender old feet
                        waking this morning
                        are pricked to no end.

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