Poem | Prasanta Chakravarty

Traversing the Meridian

Photo credits : Tilak


The hell where age and laughter go
Is a steady climb
To not so short-lived jubilees

Traversing the meridian
One comes back not to solitude
But to kaleidoscopes, help-mates and long walks

Encompassing the universe
A drawn flute
A restive shriek
Sucks our inconsolable entrails

If you recoil
To your quarters
From the rally
In such unrestful times
And not make frenetic the afternoon
As was the promise
Then this your hibernation
Will be marked
By everyone
Who are able to listen
As unpoetic
And careless

A poet’s recompense: your wager
Was to pull us out
Of the fear of darkness.
From darkness to pull out
Such times
That hounds
The nether meridians 
Of a helpless and blurred nation.

Recoil if you will
The now that is night shall be kept fixed

Snakeskin dawns shed.  


Like a centipede
A magnetic force field
Makes us rove

From the hyacinth pond
Till end of the herbage roof
Navigation, these our roles
Are a layout

Flotsam drifts
The compass needle
Shall pluck the sediment

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