2 poems | Shazia Nigar


Be Still. Breathe.
See, peepal leaves dancing in the wind
touch grace within.

Look, symmetrical flow of neem
balance you need.

Watch, Mahanadi moving and still at once
depths of your calm.

Study, star studded skies blanket the night
sparkle in the warm embrace of dark times.

Listen, distant coo of the koel at dawn
decipher your call.

Taste, ripe mango lets go of its tree
trust your path be free.

Smell, petrichor rising from earthen pot
sweet growth of blooming heart.

Touch, breathing skin
connect within.


Like the smell of smoke stuck in my hair
the secrets you whispered into my ears at night
had to be washed away during the day.

Like the orange glow of burning coal turned to ash
so did the fleeting moment we shared.

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