2 poems| Arjun Rajendran

Source: http://memeticmaster.deviantart.com/art/Feynman-s-Gractal-273573075

1. {The Poppins Twins}

                  e- is a mongoose in a biscuit carton
e+  a He-Man toy
[A honest diagram is shattered at this stage; a dishonest
one proceeds to disintegrate into a happy photon…]

                  e- is a girl’s frock
e+ a lost chess tournament [premature castling?]

                                          q avers meteorites seen over tube-wells are fire-eaters gone wild
                                          q- is the aftermath of meteorites, a Xanax silence

                                                   g refers to the exorcism of women self-flagellating
                                                      with neem leaves in Mariamman temples

                                                  g is a ladybird on a broken tv set -Solidaire to be specific
                                          q cannot be a vintage Poppins ad because
                                          q- is diabetic-

 also, understand it is imperative for Ram and Shyam, the Poppins twins,
to partake in the twin paradox: just as silver stripes on the wrapper
                  authenticate Poppins so must the rocket with either Ram or Shyam

e+ is sometimes the stripper who was abducted thrice
                if e- is always butter chicken [Feynman ROFLing in his grave]

                                              the unfinished dystopian novel about Zhalmawiz Kempirs
                                                  besotted by umbrella handles inlaid with hibiscus

                                              a K meson knocks on the door of a mourning                                                                          physicist: “play the bongo drum for me!” -
                                              “get lost!” -“the bongo the bongo the bongo the bongo…”

somewhere in these subatomic realms, the mystics will have
you know, are indelible epiphanies

like Indira Gandhi’s clones and their shrunken
heads preserved as carefully as Rosalio Lombardo; UFOs bright
as roshogollas; impacts to

e-: the telecom industry, e+: strays copulating on zebra crossings

                                                 g or gluon or ganja

                the day before the Pokhran test, a “wah!!!” #; signal was recorded
                by a former jawan turned radio astronomer

2. {Preliminary report on the “Roshogolla” invasion from Calabi-Yau}  

Interstellar might’ve worked better with
the three Devs in the folktale, Azaran Bulbul; Alo Dino
and how he beheads them after ploughing through mountains of pilaf.
Nolan should read more Soviet era books.
Never ask why God plays dice. Why ghazals aren’t composed
for vadapaus. If those pretty but pretty useless telescopes
 from Chor Bazaar can aid in rolling out phulkas or in masturbation.

Ration cards interest beings in Roshogolla UFOs. How do I know this?
Recently, I was in Roswell mere dost - and now, the brilliant
lecher usurps Kamal Haasan in the cult song, Nethu Rathiri Yamma.
Silk Smitha and Feynman share jalebis between them: red for positron, yellow
for electron. Pakistan is not a quark. Nor is pachakilli.

A few questions from a decrypted CBT, for recruitment to “Roshogolla Bitch”:

1. Is the etymology of “Mysore Pak” rooted in Islamophobia?
2. Spiritual Guru ranting about quantum entanglement has collected
   plentiful ads featuring hernia in the vernacular- true or false?
3. Calculate the probability of all vanity publishers in India
    being free of kidney stones ? [Hint: plagiarize a plagiarized Drake equation]
 4. Is there a correlation amongst NRIs involving non-usage of library cards
     and a propensity for racial slurs like “kalla”, “makku” and “chinki”?
5. Would you believe a poet who’s overly obsessed with boxer underwear?
6. Is Feynman ROFLing in his grave for this desecration of his diagrams?
6.5 Identity of Bengali poet with roshogolla buttocks who secretly refers to himself
      as Obersturmbannführer?
7. Market for gomutra flavored with Aunt Jemima’s syrup?
8. Thoughts about dying twice?
9. Who directed the film, “Attack of the Vedic Lawnmowers”?
10. Does a Limca Record for Poetry facilitate breathing underwater?
11. Has the recent ban on noodles transmogrified the tongues of chumchums
     during suhagraats?
12. Do pangolins dream in Calabi-Yau manifolds?
13. Would Sabu confirm Jupiter is essentially sickular?

Co-ordinates of scars from small pox vaccinations [in any district] when punched
 into the army’s secret spreadsheet evidence this conspiracy; also, in a remarkable coincidence, the Phoenix Lights over Arizona in 1997 likely found their Indian counterpart in the Phoenix Mills Lights over Bombay at a later but unknown date.

#This was far stronger than the intensity of Ehman’s “Wow!” signal at 6EQUJ5, possibly explaining the jawan's (name classified) three exclamations in comparison with just one for Wow! though a more plausible theory by a local linguistics student suggested it’s to do with the Indian proclivity for hyperbole when it comes to using the English alphabet to chronicle thoughts from the vernacular.

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